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Rumblit Bitcrusher Effect

Rumblit Bit Crusher Effect is a digital effects processor with different types of filtering and distortion.

Rumblit Bit Crusher Effect:
  • This device in the Rumble series is a bit crusher effect. Rumblit Bit Crusher Effect is a pedal board with 3 distortion units: A bit crusher, multi band distortion, saturation and 2 filter units with 3 different filtering types. The back panel provides CV inputs.
  • This Rack Extension comes with 30 patches.
  • Rumblit Bit Crusher Effect uses 6 panels to generate sound:
    • Filty, a filtering device.
    • Cruzzer, a bit crusher.
    • Mudix, a multi band distortion unit.
    • Saturn, for saturation.
    • BEQ, another filtering device.
    • Master, to control the master output level.
    • You also can change the routing order of the effects.
  • This device is for everyone who wants to:
    • Use the Cruzzer bit crusher to downgrade audio to a desired sample rate and bit depth.
    • Use the Mudix multi band distortion curve to add 200 different distortion types on specific frequency bands.
    • Use the Mudix multi band distortion panning as a stereo widener.
    • Use the Saturn saturation drive to add overtones, distortion and grunge.
    • Use the Filty and BEQ filtering for precise filtering before and after distortion.
    • Go modular. Rumblit Bit Crusher Effect has 24 CV inputs on the back panel.
The Rumble series derives its name from the legendary guitar 101 hero and inventor of the power chord: Link Wray, who used to poke a pencil in an amplifier speaker to get a gritty, distorted sound.

  • Minimal requirements for the Rack Extension: Duo Core based computer with at least 2 GHz processor, 4 GB of RAM and Reasonstudios Reason 10.2 or higher running on Windows or Mac OSX.
  • Type of device: Digital effects processor.
  • Effects:
    • Filty, high pass 12 filter and low pass 24 filter.
    • Cruzzer, bit crusher.
    • Mudix, multi band distortion
    • Saturn, saturation
    • BEQ, low pass 12 filter
  • CV Inputs: 24.
  • A stereo audio input and a stereo audio output
Rumblit Bit Crusher Effect Rack Extension is available at the Reason Studios Shop.

Price: Euro 39,00.

Rumblit Bit Crusher Effect Demo tracks:
Oenkenstein ยท Rumblit Bit Crusher Effect Rack Extension Demo Tracks

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