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Rumble K1 Granular Synthesizer
A versatile additive wavetable and granular synthesizer.

The Rumble K1 Granular Synthesizer:
  • Rumble K1 is a Rack Extension for Reason 7.1 or higher.
  • Based on the Kawai K1 digital synthesizer from 1985, Rumble K1 adds granular synthesis and 3 extra oscillator types.
  • Sample bank consisting of a whopping 16000 sounds allowing extensive sound sculpturing.
  • Patches made by well known sound designers.
  • Amp envelope, Vibrato (LFO), Auto Bend, Pitch Bend, Frequency, Filter and Keys panels.
  • Modulation Matrix panel.
  • CPU friendly.
  • Micro sound technology: splitting samples into stackable grains offering endless variability.
  • Allowing precise tailoring of frequency content.
  • Unique instruments:
    • 1904 Ibach grand piano.
    • Fender Precision bass fabricated in 1951.
    • Höhner accordion.
    • Glockenspiel.
  • Automatable items visible on front panel.
  • "It's a fun synth."
  • "It's a weird beast."
  • "It's more powerful than I thought."
The Rumble K1 Granular Synthesizer Rack Extension is available at the
Reason Studios Shop.

Price: Euro 54,00.

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