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Rumble Klank Singing Bowls Generator

Klank, the singing bowls generator.

The Rumble Klank Singing Bowls Generator:
  • This Rack Extension has recordings of four different singing bowls, a metal lid and a glass stored in a sample bank. It has a ten channel mixer with controls for release, panning, tuning and fine tuning.
    The singing bowls ranges from big to small in size. The two big bowls produce the lowest frequency and the little bowl together with the glass the highest frequency.
  • The sound of a singing bowl can be divided in stages: The attack phase where the bowl gets hit with different sticks at various velocity levels, the sustain phase and the resonance phase where the bowl is rubbed and finally muted with the hand. These stages of the two big bowls and the little bowl are recorded and are assigned to independent mixer channels.
  • Klank Singing Bowls Generator comes with 31 patches, made for sessions with different settings of the bowls, like tuning and level.
  • This device is for everyone who wants to:
    • Make ambient music.
    • Emulate a singing bowls session.
    • Use the generator as a basic sound source for further modulation.
  • Minimal requirements for the Rack Extension: Duo Core based computer with at least 2 GHz processor, 4 GB of RAM and Reason 10 or higher running on Windows or Mac OSX.
  • Type of device: Sample based Singing Bowls Generator and emulator.
    • 10 stereo channel mixer with faders.
    • Controls for level, release, panning, tuning and fine tuning.
    • Convolution reverb with 6 modes.
    • 30 CV input sockets for level, panning and tuning.
    • 30 CV trough sockets.
    • 2 CV input sockets for gate and note.
    • 2 CV output sockets for velocity and key.
    • 1 stereo channel master level output socket.
The Rumble Klank Singing Bowls Generator Rack Extension is available at the Reason Studios Shop.

Price: Euro 28,00.

Oenkenstein Klank Singing Bowls Generator Demo Sounds

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