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Rumbler Compact Synthesizer

Based on a Kawai K1 digital synthesizer from 1985 with a combination of high quality and lofi quality basic waveforms.

The Rumbler Compact Synthesizer:
  • Rumbler Compact Synthesizer is a Rack Extension for Reason 10.2 or higher. Rumbler Compact Synthesizer is a digital wavetable synthesizer and is an emulation of an additive wavetable Kawai K1 digital synthesizer from 1985. This Rack Extension is based on the operation system on a Kawai.
  • The patch library consists of 96 sounds, a true emulation of the ROM Pack D from the Kawai K1. Additional 115 signature patches made by Oenkenstein and Loque.
  • This device of the Rumble series comes with Saw, Square and Wavetable oscillators, an Amp Envelope section with DAHDSR controls, a LFO, an Audio Modulation section with 19 modulation matrixes and 8 effects devices with 23 modulation matrixes. All the modulation matrixes have 12 sources. Rumbler has also 25 CV inputs, 23 CV through and 2 CV outputs
  • This device is for everyone who wants to:
    • Have a collection of the original instrument patches of the Kawai K1.
    • Build instruments sounds from the Kawai K1 and save them as patches for use in Reason.
    • Have a lofi 8 bit character synthesizer as an addition and counterpart of synthesizers with very clean oscillators.
    • Have a high quality basic waveforms synthesizer with very clean oscillators as well. The Wave oscillator contains 228 waveforms: 8 High quality waveforms and 200 8 bit lofi waveforms. Combined together they give the synthesizer a unique sound. 1985 meets 2022.
    • Make sounds or instruments for use in genres like ambient and movie scores, but also for popular based songs.
    • Go modular as Rumbler Compact Synthesizer has CV in and CV out.
    • Make use of the 8 cool effects as Rumbler Compact Synthesizer has audo in!
Rumbler Compact Synthesizer uses additive wavetable synthesis to generate sounds. The additive synthesis is based on a Wave oscillator using waveforms, one of the in total 3 oscillators that can be introduced in the sound at various times, levels and durations. The sonic results of additive synthesis can vary dramatically; from standard analog type of synthesizer sounds, via emulations of existing instruments¨, to extremely complex and animated timbres. The other 2 oscillators are Saw and Square wave based oscillators and are mixed with the Wave oscillator. Rumbler Compact Synthesizer features Ring Modulation with an internal Sine oscillator modulating the Wave oscillator.

  • Minimal requirements for the Rack Extension: Duo Core based computer with at least 2 GHz processor, 4 GB of RAM and Reasonstudios Reason 10.2 or higher running on Windows or Mac OSX.
  • Type of device: Digital synthesizer.
  • Method of synthesis: Additive 16 bit wavetable synthesis with amplitude modulation combined with 2 high quality saw and square oscillators.
  • Amount of oscillators: 3. Wave oscillator, Saw and Square oscillators.
  • Effects:
    • Ring modulation, Drive, EQ, Low Pass 12 Filter, Glide and Bend on the oscillatorís output
    • Chorus, Delay, Tremolo, Distortion, Convolution Reverb, Linear Reverb, Lofi and Phaser
    • Audio Input to send to the 8 effects
  • Amount of synthesizer modulation matrixes: 17
    • 1. 4 slots in the 3 Oscillators panel
    • 2. 5 slots in the Amplitude Envelope panel
    • 3. 1 slot in the LFO panel
    • 4. 6 slots in the Audio Modulation panel
    • 5. 2 slots in the Output panel
    • `
  • Amount of effects modulation matrixes: 23
    • 1. 3 slots in the Distortion panel
    • 2. 4 slots in the Convolution Reverb panel
    • 3. 6 slots in the Linear Reverb panell
    • 4. 4 slots in the Lofi panel
    • 5. 6 slots in the Phaser panel
    • `
  • Control Voltage In (CV In): 25 and Through (CV Thr): 23
    • 1. Saw Oscillator Level
    • 2. Square Oscillator Level
    • 3. Saw and Square Oscillator Tune
    • 4. Saw and Square Oscillator Detune
    • 5. Wave Oscillator Level
    • `
    • 6. Wave Oscillator Tune
    • 7. Wave Oscillator Fine Tune
    • 8. Ring Modulation Level
    • 4. Saw and Square Oscillator Detune
    • 9. Ring Modulation Disharmonic Tuning
    • 10. Drive (Level)
    • 11. EQ Gain
    • 12. EQ Band Q or EQ Band Width
    • 13. EQ Frequency
    • 14. Bend Depth
    • `
    • 15. Bend Time
    • 16. Pan
    • 17. Master Level
    • 18. Low Pass 12 Filter Cutoff
    • 19. Low Pass 12 Filter Resonance
    • 20. Convolution Reverb Mix
    • `
    • 21. Chorus Depth
    • 22. Delay Feedback
    • 23. Tremolo Depth
    • 24. Gate
    • 25. Note
  • Control Voltage Out (CV Out): 2
    • Velocity (Vel)
    • Key
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Rumbler Compact Synthesizer Rack Extension is available at the Reason Studios Shop.

Price: Euro 43,00.

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