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Dice Analog Synthesizer

A 6 oscillator polyphonic synthesizer with a web based randomize function.

The Dice Analog Synthesizer:
  • Dice Analog Synthesizer is a Rack Extension for Reason 10.2 or higher. Dice Analog Synthesizer is a polyphonic synthesizer with a web based randomize function.
  • Dice Analog Synthesizer has 6 oscillators to generate sound without the use of samples. This device comes with a Sine, PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), Triangle, Sub, Noise and Saw oscillator
  • To alter the sound generated by each oscillator, the synthesizer is provided with tuning, volume and panning knobs. It has an amplitude envelope section with AHDSR faders, a filter section, a Bode frequency shifter and an oscillator output routing section.
  • Dice Analog Synthesizer also contains 3 sections to change the tuning of the oscillators: Pitch Wheel control, Bend and Glide. A Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) is used to modulate the filters cutoff and the glide time.
  • Dice Analog Synthesizer has 3 effects: Delay, reverb and chorus.
  • The back panel of the Dice Analog Synthesizer has audio outputs for each oscillator, a main stereo output, 53 CV inputs and 2 CV outputs.
  • Dice Analog Synthesizer comes with 148 instrument patches. Dice Analog Synthesizer uses a web based form where the user can randomize patches, which can be loaded and altered in the Dice Analog Synthesizer.
  • This device is for everyone who wants to:
    • Have a high quality analog synthesizer.
    • Make sounds or instruments for use in genres like ambient, synth wave, synth pop, house and techno.
    • likes a Bode frequency shifter.
    • Go modular as Dice Analog Synthesizer has CV in and CV out.
    • Wants to randomize synthesizer patches.
    • Make Reason 12 Combinators. Dice Analog Synthesizer comes with 25 combinator backdrops.
Dice Analog Synthesizer uses no samples to generate sounds.
You can generate randomized .repatch files at

  • Minimal requirements for the Rack Extension: Duo Core based computer with at least 2 GHz processor, 4 GB of RAM and Reasonstudios Reason 10.2 or higher running on Windows or Mac OSX.
  • Type of device: Analog synthesizer.
  • Method of synthesis: Additive 16 bit.
  • Amount of oscillators: 6.
  • Pitch Wheel control.
  • Bend.
  • LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator).
  • Glide.
  • Sound modulation:
      6 Filter types.
      Bode Frequency Shifter.
  • Effects:
    • Delay
    • Linear Reverb
    • Chorus
  • Amount of modulation matrixes: 3
    • 1. 1 slot in the Filters Cutoff section.
    • 2. 1 slot in the Bode Frequency Shifter.l
    • 3. 1 slot in the Glide section.
  • Control Voltage In (CV In): 53.
  • Control Voltage Out (CV Out): 2
    • Velocity (Vel)
    • Key
  • Modulation Envelopes: 2.
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Dice Analog Synthesizer Rack Extension is available at the Reason Studios Shop.

Introduction price until May, 31, 2023: Euro 28,00. Regular price: Euro 43,00.

Dice Analog Synthesizer Demo Songs:
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