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Dice Analog Synthesizer

A 6 oscillator polyphonic synthesizer with a web based randomize function.
The Dice Analog Synthesizer:
  • Dice Analog Synthesizer is a Rack Extension for Reason 10.2 or higher. Dice Analog Synthesizer is a polyphonic synthesizer with on board randomize play and edit function and a web based randomize function.
  • Dice Analog Synthesizer has 6 oscillators to generate sound without the use of samples. This device comes with a Sine, PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), Triangle, Sub, Noise and Saw oscillator
  • To alter the sound generated by each oscillator, the synthesizer is provided with tuning, volume and panning knobs. It has an amplitude envelope section with AHDSR faders, a filter section, a Bode frequency shifter and an oscillator output routing section.
  • Dice Analog Synthesizer also contains 3 sections to change the tuning of the oscillators: Pitch Wheel control, Bend and Glide. A Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO) is used to modulate the filters cutoff and the glide time.
  • Dice Analog Synthesizer has 3 effects: Delay, reverb and chorus.
  • The back panel of the Dice Analog Synthesizer has audio outputs for each oscillator, a main stereo output, solo and mute buttons, a randomize configuration section, 53 CV inputs and 2 CV outputs.
  • Dice Analog Synthesizer comes with 160 instrument patches. Please notice: 30 combinator patches require Reason 12.
  • New to version 1.3.8 is the implementation of a on board randomize play and edit system. The configuration on what the (big) Randomize Switch should randomize can be found on the back panel. Please notice: Changes made during Random play and edit mode are not stored in .repatch nor .cmb combinator patches. All other changes in 'Normal' mode do get stored.
  • Dice Analog Synthesizer also uses a web based form where the user can randomize patches, which can be loaded and altered in the Dice Analog Synthesizer. You can generate randomized .repatch files at
  • This device is for everyone who wants to:
    • Have a high quality analog synthesizer.
    • Make sounds or instruments for use in genres like ambient, synth wave, synth pop, house and techno.
    • likes a Bode frequency shifter.
    • Go modular as Dice Analog Synthesizer has CV in and CV out.
    • Wants to randomize synthesizer patches.
    • Make Reason 12 Combinators. Dice Analog Synthesizer comes with 11 combinator backdrops.
The Dice Analog Synthesizer uses no samples to generate sounds.

9 combinator patches in the '002 Combinators Reason 12 folder' are using 5 third party Rack Extensions, which are free to download:
Two free refills with more then 5000 randomized patches generated by Noiseshadow are available:

  • Minimal requirements for the Rack Extension: Duo Core based computer with at least 2 GHz processor, 4 GB of RAM and Reasonstudios Reason 10.2 or higher running on Windows or Mac OSX.
  • Type of device: Analog synthesizer.
  • Method of synthesis: Additive 16 bit.
  • Amount of oscillators: 6.
  • Pitch Wheel control.
  • Bend.
  • LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator).
  • Glide.
  • Sound modulation:
      6 Filter types.
      Bode Frequency Shifter.
  • Effects:
    • Delay
    • Linear Reverb
    • Chorus
  • Amount of modulation matrixes: 3
    • 1. 1 slot in the Filters Cutoff section.
    • 2. 1 slot in the Bode Frequency Shifter.l
    • 3. 1 slot in the Glide section.
  • Control Voltage In (CV In): 53.
  • Control Voltage Out (CV Out): 2
    • Velocity (Vel)
    • Key
  • Modulation Envelopes: 2.
Dice Analog Synthesizer version 1.1.2 to 1.3.8 update specifications:
  • Added a randomize play and edit mode system. The seed randomization values are in percentage.
    The big Randomize Switch on the front panel activates / deactivates the random play and edit mode.
    In random play and edit mode, all the marine blue colored faders and knobs get randomised from its current position according to the Seed Percentage value.
  • Added a huge Randomize Switch with a Percentage fader on the back panel and smaller ones on the front panel.
  • Added 4 Randomize Switches to set the randomization process on or off for:
    • The Amp Envelope (AHDSR) section for all the six oscillators.
    • The Filters Envelope section on for the six oscillators.
    • The Bode Frequency Shifter section for all the six oscillators.
    • And all the Effects (including the Bend).
  • Added 6 Randomize Switches to set the randomization process on or off for the six oscillators individually.
    On each oscillator the Amp Envelope (AHDSR), Filters Envelope and the Bode Frequency Shifter can be randomised.
  • Added two configuration switches, Randomize During Edit Switch and Randomize During Percentage Switch.
  • Changed the appearance and position of buttons and knobs on most of the combinators. Aligned Run, Pattern and Volume and their color.
  • Changed the appearance of the faders on the front panel and shortened its shadow on labels. AC DC and RC labels are more readable.
  • Added some Reason 10 compatible .cmb combinators in the '001 Combinators Reason 10' folder.
  • Added 2 Trance combinator patches made by Loque in the '002 Combinators Reason 12' folder.
  • Added Combinator backdrops pack in blue (.zip file 79 MB) in the Downloads section of the website.
  • Moved Key to Pan and the Limiter Switch from the front panel to the back panel next to the power switch, so all properties on the front panel stay automatable after adding the Randomize Switch and the Percentage knob.

  • The update is free for users who purchased Dice Analog Synthesizer version 1.0.1. or version 1.1.2

    Dice Analog Synthesizer version 1.0.1 to 1.1.2 update specifications:
  • Solved an issue with the range values of the pan knobs.
  • Solved a problem with weak filters. A limiter was set to the filters cutoff and resonance and the limiter is removed in version 1.1.2.
  • Added a Filters Compatible toggle button on the back panel. It turns a filter limiter present in version 1.0.1 on or off. If you open previous made Reason song files make sure the toggle button is set to version 1.0.1 to ensure compability.
  • Added one patch (Keys - Trance Arps - LQ.cmb) in the 002 Combinators Reason 12 folder.
  • Added Solo and Mute switches for each oscillator on the back panel next to oscillators output sockets.
  • Changed the 1U combinator backdrops, so the knobs have a little bit more space around them.
  • Changed the Super Saw Amount from a knob into a value display.
  • Changed the Pitch Wheel Amount from a knob into a value display.
  • Changed the Send To Osc Out into Osc -> so it matches the width of the pop up display.
  • Moved the Pitch, Bend, LFO and Glide labels a bit up on the front panel.
  • Added a Super Saw Detune display on the back panel.
  • Changed the metal plate on the back panel.
  • Centered some text labels on the back panel.
  • Changed all dark scales into white in all the combinator patches.

  • The update is free for users who purchased Dice Analog Synthesizer version 1.0.1.

    More information can be found in the Dice Analog Synthesizer Operation Manual.
    Trademark disclaimer: All product names used are trademarks of their respective owners, and in no way constitutes an association or affiliation with Oenkenstein Audio or Reason Studios.

    Dice Analog Synthesizer Rack Extension is available at the Reason Studios Shop.

    Introduction price until July 31th 2023: Euro 28,00. Regular Price: Euro 43,00.

    Dice Analog Synthesizer Demo Songs:
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