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Rumble K2 Player Light

An emulation of the default sounds on a Kawai K1 from 1985.

The Rumble K2 Player Light:
  • Rumble K2 Player Light is a Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason 7.0 or higher.
  • Rumble K2 Player Light is an emulation of an additive wavetable Kawai K1 digital synthesizer from 1985. This Rack Extension mimics the operation system and the naming conventions on a Kawai K1 and also contains all the default patches: 64 single instrument patches and 32 multi instrument patches.
  • Rumble K2 Player Light is build as a patch or instrument browser. It is basically a rompler, but this version of the Rumble K series has some additions such as Sine, Super and Sub oscillators, a Wave Loop Shaper, an Amp Envelope section with ADSR controls, 7 effects devices and a Modulation Matrix.
  • CPU friendly.
Rumble K2 Light Rack Extension is available at the Propellerhead Shop.
During the 'End of Summer Sale': Euro 19.00! Price reduction last until September, 2, 2018. The regular price: Euro 29.00.

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