The Rumble K serie
The Rumble K serie is a line of products developed by Oenkenstein Audio. The products are audio software plug ins, designed to use as Rack Extensions in Reason, a digital audio workstation by Reason Studios.

Current products:
  • Rumble Klank Singing Bowls Generator.
  • Rumble K1 Granular Synthesizer.
  • Rumble K2 Player.
  • Rumble K2 Player Light.
  • Rumble K2 Builder.

  • All Rumble K1 and K2 Rack Extensions are based on the operation system of a Kawai K1 made in 1985.

    Rumble Klank Singing Bowls generator.

    Rumble K1: A versatile additive wavetable and granular synthesizer.

    Rumble K2 Player: Digital wavetable synthesizer. Mimics a Kawai K1.

    Rumble K2 Player Light: Emulates the default sounds on a Kawai K1.

    Rumble K2 Builder: Emulates the operation system on a Kawai K1 and contains 64 single instruments and 32 multi instrument patches from ROM Bank A.

    Download the Product Comparison Chart.pdf to compare the different products in the Rumble K serie.

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